Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

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It is commonly known that being physically active has many benefits toward good heart health. Your heart is a muscle, and like other muscles it gets stronger and healthier when you live a healthy and active lifestyle. But how does exercise relate to a healthy heart and what are the risk factors that we need to be aware of when looking at good heart health?

Join us as we invite Dr Wesley Chan from the University Health Service to discuss his perspective on Exercise is Medicine for your Heart. Through a series of 4 questions you will learn more about the health benefits of physical activity and how to improve and maintain good heart health.

How important is exercise for your heart and what are the benefits?

Diet and heart health

Are there any conditions (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes) that may be detrimental to my heart and can exercise help?

If I haven’t been physically active over the last few months due to COVID-19, are there any precautions and should I consult a Physician before I start again?

Are there any signs and symptoms related to my heart that I should be concerned about when I am exercising?

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