Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

EIM Health Experts Q&A

Do you have a burning question or curious about how exercise can improve my fitness or health?

Join us for the EIM Health Experts Q&A that will focus on the topic: EIM: Physical Activity and Health. We have arranged a panel of experts from HKU to conduct a 20 min LIVE interview to provide insight into your mental, physical and nutritional health. Check below for topics and how to submit your questions.

Questions can be submitted throughout the EIM Month as well as during the LIVE interview. Due to time constraints we will only select questions of relevance.

Our EIM Health Experts:

Dr Grace Loy & Dr Olivia Choi

Should we prescribe exercise as a medicine?

We know we should all do more exercise but what are the real health benefits? Dr Loy and Dr Choi Physicians from the University Health Service explain to us why exercise can be a medicine.

Ms Ellery Wu

How does exercise affect our mental health?

Physical activity is known to reduce signs of depression, anxiety and negative moods as well as increase our self confidence and cognition,  Ellery Wu, Clinical Psychologist at CEDARS-CoPE will explain to us how important exercise is to our mental well being.

Dr Tanja Sobko

How does my food affect my health?

Is it true that we really are what we eat? Can some foods help improve my immune system? Should I be eating less if I am moving less? Dr Tanja SOBKO, Nutritionist from the School of Biological Sciences will discuss with us why our food is just as important as exercise to our health

Prof Terry Lum

Am I too old to start exercising?

How important is exercising to the ageing process? Are there things that we can do to minimise the negative impacts of ageing?  Prof. Terry Lum, Head of Department of Social Science, will discuss with us the importance of being physically active as we age.

Ms Joanne Ku & Mr Cliff Chan

How do I prevent injuries after a period of inactivity?

Why is my neck or back always stiff or sore? Are there things that I can do to prevent or treat these myself?  Physiotherapists Ms. Joanne Ku & Mr Cliff Chan will discuss with us what are some of the common injuries after a period of inactivity and how do I avoid them?

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