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Exercise is Medicine Initiatives

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Please note that this programme has already been completed

Build the Habit of a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Helping students kickstart their exercise habit, our Fitness Kickstarter Programme provided each participant with a basic fitness training schedule and reserved timeslots to use the training area under the supervision of our Exercise Trainers, who provided support for all fitness-related questions.

Kickstart your active lifestyle

The programme aimed to guide new users on how to increase their physical activity level in a safe and effective way. We hope that the programme has encouraged students who exercised less than 30 minutes a day or 150mins per week to “Kickstart” their active lifestyle.


The Gearing Up Fitness Kickstarter programme included: 


- Beginners Training Programme

- 4 weeks of supervised training sessions

- Fixed walk-in timeslots, no need for gym booking 

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