Exercise is Medicine Initiatives

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Build the Habit of a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Kickstart your exercise habit with our Fitness Kickstarter Programme, where we will provide you with a basic training program template, which you can try out in our reserved training area for 4 weeks without the need to book. The session will be supervised by our Exercise Trainers, who will provide support for all your fitness-related questions.

Kickstart your active lifestyle

This programme aims to guide new users on how to increase their physical activity level in a safe and effective way. We hope that this programme will encourage students who exercise less than 30 minutes a day or 150mins per week to “Kickstart” their active lifestyle.


Join now and see what's included: 

- Beginners Training Programme

- 4 weeks of supervised training sessions

- Fixed walk-in timeslots, no need for gym booking 

More Registration information

  1. *Each student will be entitled to ONE free enrollment for the 4 weeks programme after completing the Student Wellness Self-Assessment.

  2. This programme is only eligible for inactive students, who exercise less than 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes per week.

  3. Students with medical Signs and Symptoms will need to be endorsed by UHS/CoPE first before joining).

  4. Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email, after reviewing of the self-assessment and referral registration (if any).

  5. Students who have already redeemed their FREE participation in other programmes are not eligible to enroll


To Register, please click on the button below to log into the HKU EMS
and register for our Fitness Kickstarter Programme