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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

Free Personal Fitness Guidance

The EIM Month is the time to be active, yet many may not know where to start. To get you started, CSE is offering FREE Personal Fitness Guidance during the month of October, which is a FREE trial package including a fitness assessment and a training session under guidance of our Exercise Trainers.

What is Personal Fitness Guidance?

Our FREE trial package helps provide a baseline measurement of the current health & fitness level, identifying areas of health risks, and aids in the development of an exercise program with better understanding of personal health and fitness goals. Through guidance of our Exercise Trainers, participants learn the correct and safe ways to use fitness equipment, the basic concept of physical fitness and sports, and knowledge of proper and effective ways of doing exercise. This will enable faster training progress and better injury prevention. 

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Benefits of joining our Free Personal Fitness Guidance package:
- Obtain baseline measurements of your fitness levels
- Develop a personal awareness of your physical health
- Learn the correct and safe ways to use fitness equipment and exercise
- Identify limitations that could potentially put you at a risk of injury
- Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence in any fitness environment

Further continuation of the personal training program after the FREE trail package is optional and can be requested in consultation with our Fitness Trainers.

How to join the programme?

This Free trial package has limited slots on a first come first served basis and will only be offered throughout the Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month in October 2019. Following registration, successful applicants will be contacted to schedule and confirm the appointment for the first session. Registration for this program is only eligible to our HKU Campus Community (staff, student, spouse & reitree).

Through this programme we hope to encourage our campus community to start their healthy lifestyle. Further continuation of the training program after the two sessions is optional and can be requested in consultation with our Exercise Specialists.



Please note that this free trail package is only available during October 2019 with limited slots on a first come first served basis until all sessions are filled.

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