Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month


HKU Virtual Walking Challenge

Important Notice:

Given the current prevailing COVID situation in Hong Kong we are pleased to announce the start date of the Challenge for May 2022!  While the importance of maintaining social distancing continues, the Walking Challenge provides an ideal opportunity to safely continue to be physically active, which is vital for both our physical and mental health.

Challenge yourself, your friends, your colleagues and your family members and be into win prizes with a total estimated prize pool of approximately $20,000! During our previous challenge in 2018, over 1400 people from 18 countries and regions participated and together we completed 463,447,412 steps in one month, which was equivalent to walking 7 times around the world.  We are taking it literally "one step" further and are aiming, with your help, to walk to the moon! That's approximately 557,101,500 steps! A lofty goal but with your help we can do it!

The HKU Virtual Walking Challenge encourages the HKU community (students, staff, retirees and alumni) to come together with the common goal of virtually walking together. With this, the challenge aims to promote fitness and a healthy body and mind as well as to create a sense of community on campus and around the world through healthy competition.

This time we have been working hard together with the Computer Science department in developing a HKU Walking Challenge App to use our smartphones (iphone and android included) to keep track of your daily steps, show your own and your teams performance as well as the rankings of the Walking Challenge.

Join the Challenge and Win over $20,000 worth of Prizes and Awards

We have lined up some great prizes with Fitbit, adidas and Gigasports, so grab your friends, colleagues, classmates or family (virtual teams of five) and download the free app and get walking! All you need to do is to download our HKU Walking App on your smartphone to get started. If you think that walking alone is not fun enough, feel free to invite your friends to join you in this challenge. See who can accumulate more steps throughout the month or form a team and virtually compete against other teams.


Event Details

Registration Period: Starting from 1st of February 2022

Event Period: 1st to 31st of May 2022

Step counting: Only steps registered through our HKU Walking App will be counted.

With the current Covid-19 situation, it is important to maintain social distancing. Through our HKU Walking Challenge App you can form teams online and we encourage people to use messaging apps (such as Whatsapp or Signal) to keep in contact with their team.


Please observe the Terms & Conditions before joining the HKU Walking Challenge