Exercise is Medicine Initiatives

Active Campus
Walking Trails 

The Centre for Sports and Exercise has designed The Active Campus Walking Trails to provide people an alternative way on campus to become healthier and more active.

Medical Referral

Through the medical referral programme, we offer patients in need of more physocal exercise opportunities to be appropriately referred to the professional care and supervision that they need.

Exercise and Health
Information Series

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in exercise and health is a way for us the create awareness on the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Exercise is Medicine
for Health

We understand that some people might need more assistance with kickstarting their exercise habit, hence we are offering the Exercise is Medicine for Health training programme as a follow-up for the Medical Referral Programme.

Personal Fitness

To help people to start up their exercise plan, the Personal Fitness Guidance programme targets people who don't know where to start or how to properly do the exercises.

Exercise is Medicine
for Cancer Survivors 

More and more research studies have shown that regular exercise is not only safe during and after cancer treatment, but also brings significant benefits to cancer survivors.

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