Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

Knowledge bits - Be Active Outdoors

Taking our exercise outdoors is a safe and healthy way to stay physically active during these times of the pandemic. But did you know that by exercising outside will give you added benefits, such as improving our mental and physical well-being, boosting our creativity, reducing stress, and improving our sleep patterns?

In this series of videos, we are going to take a closer look at being active outdoors in Hong Kong with the aim to encourage everyone to adopt healthy habits for an active lifestyle.

Hong Kong Going Outdoors

Hong Kong provides a plethora of stunning country parks, beaches, mountains and other outdoor venues that provide a great opportunity for outdoor physical activities and help link us back to nature. Watch this video and see what outdoors activities Hongkongers enjoy most in their free time.

Green Exercise

The concept of Green Exercise refers to physical activity that takes place outdoors in natural environments. Research has shows that viewing, being in, and interacting with natural environments has many positive effects on physical and mental health. Watch this video and learn about the many benefits associated with outdoor activity.

Get Active on the Water

With 455 miles of coastline, Hong Kong makes a perfect playground for water activities, ranging from kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding to windsurfing and snorkelling. Being active on the water is not just relief from the heat, it also has many added health benefits. Watch this video and get ready to dive right into a summer full of water activities.

Outdoor Fitness Parks

When growing up, playgrounds provided us with an opportunity to be physically active with places to climb, slide, swing, hang, and jump. With many outdoor fitness parks provided throughout , we can still “play” outside and exercise for better health. Watch this video and learn more about how the benefits of outdoor fitness parks.