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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

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Despite our wonderful sports facilities at HKU there are many health and fitness opportunities outside and around campus. Join us for a few activities to explore HKU's great outdoors and great neighbourhood!

Lung Fu Shan Clean Up

Lung Fu Shan Country Park was designated in 1998. It is not only a favorite destination for morning walkers, it is also a place to show the integration of natural ecology and human heritage.Through the hiking, you will explore more history and impress of the trails.

The tour guide will lead you to live up the spirit of ‘Leave no trace’. To bring outdoor enthusiasts together and clean the increasing amount of trash that is lying in the trails. We work together to keep our city cleaner and more sustainable.




Meet Up:

28th May 2023


HKU Campus > Lung Fu Shan Country Park > HKU Campus

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Sunset Run

This sunset run offers you the opportunity to clear your head and shake off your day. Let's explore the running route outside the HKU Campus, and enjoy the workout and the sunset there together. 

The 5km distance can be adjusted to your ability as we run from HKU Campus to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park. Followed by a group workout on the lawn. Let's us end the month with a beautiful sunset!!



Meet Up

31st May 2023


HKU B-Active

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