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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month


An Active Campus Since 2016

Since the start of the Exercise is Medicine initiative at the University of Hong Kong in 2016, the Centre for Sports and Exercise has hosted many EIM on Campus Month events to provide opportunities for physical activity, creating a culture on campus that embraces movement as a daily facet of life, and providing the behavioural tools necessary to enact that change are key to facilitating lifelong physical activity habits and meeting public health goals.

With our EIM on Campus Month events we not only have reached out to staff and students  of the University of Hong Kong,  but through great support from our EIM partners we have been able to spread our message that that physical activity is indeed integral to the health and wellbeing of our HKU community and we encourage more staff and students to obtain the healthy benefits of a regularly active lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy our activities and that the Exercise is Medicine on Campus month is a great start for a healthy and active academic year for everyone. Please click on the following link for all EIM Month programmes and activities.

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