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A Spooktacular Halloween Mini Marathon!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The wide HKU community was once again invited to dress up and be fit and active during he second edition of the Halloween Mini-Marathon, which was organized by the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE) to celebrate the end of the Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month October 2022.

Over 100 participants, dressed up as pumpkins, dinosaurs and sumo wrestlers, gathered at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre with the common goal of working together to complete the distance of a full marathon (42.2 km) or a total of 105½ laps. With our efforts combined we managed to run over 655 laps, completing a total of 262km or just over 6 marathons, a slight improvement over the 5 marathons completed in 2021.


Glen Joe, Head of Active Health Clinic, HKU, said: “Despite the issuing of typhoon signal number 3, it was great to see such a large turnout and have people from all over the University, both student and staff along with family and friends join together and have some fun whilst being physically active.”

The Halloween Mini-Marathon was part the Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month, which is a worldwide initiative that calls upon universities and colleges to engage in the promotion of physical activity as a vital sign of health and wellbeing. Starting this initiative from 2016, the University of Hong Kong is the first Asian university to have been awarded the Gold EIM on Campus Recognition for their efforts in enhancing the health and wellbeing of the HKU community.

Please click on this link for the complete photo album. Thanks to all those that participated and to our sponsors: Adidas for their great support in making this event successful.



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