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HKU Walking Challenge - Stories From Around the World

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

The HKU Walking Challenge was a platform to bring together the HKU community with the common objective of walking together around the world. Since over 18 countries participated and helped us amass together a total of 463,447,412 steps, we asked people to share their stories, some of which are highlighted below!

"In order to make the game more fun for our team, I would list the results of members' weekly step count and share the information with them.

Those who ranked in the top 1 or 2 would get a little gift as an encouragement.

Our members, however, do not care what gift they would receive but are becoming more conscious to walk longer and finish strong".

Team name: Jogging Walking Location: Hong Kong

"The most important thing we get from the programme is that we strongly build up our team spirit. For the first 10 days, we already knew that we achieved our goal and we do get what we desire - We already succeeded, we won friendship!"

Team name:文武隊 Location: Hong Kong

Most of us felt like we have attained a life-time experience through this exercise. Not only can we reach a higher activity level so that 10,000 steps is no longer a "chore", we walked more each day, telling ourselves that we can now easily reach 10,000 steps if not 20,000 steps.

Team name: Toronto Walkers Location: Toronto, Canada

The walking challenge has been a game changer to do something for my sedentary life style after work which is sitting down to watch TV after a day of sitting  and  watching the screen at work. At 72, I have to push myself to move and walk more"



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