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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month


How did you get the step count of 330,000,000?

Consdiering this is the 33rd edition of the Olympic Games our goal of 330 million seems appropriate! The average height of a HK adult male is 1.71m. The average height of a HK adult female is 1.59m. We then calculated an average of the two which equals 1.65m. The average stride length of someone that is 1.65m is 69cm. If the 1.65m average person walked 1km, they would have taken 1,499.3 steps (1,000m/0.69). The average step count of someone in HK is 6,880, so if we can recruit 1,547 and they each average 6,880 we can reach the target of 330 million steps! 


The HKU Walking Challenge app doesn't show my steps from Google Fit or Apple Health. 

To see your steps in our HKU Walking Challenge app, you must grant permission to the HKU Walking Challenge app to access the data from the Google Fit app or Apple Health app, which will be asked when you first open the app.

For those that have ignored or denied this at the start, in your phone settings, please go to: settings -> apps -> HKU Walking Challenge app -> more info/storage -> click both clear storage and clear cache. By doing this when opening the app it will ask you for the "permission" again and you will need to accept it. Another option is to delete the app and then reinstall it again on the phone. When using Google Fit, make sure you select the same account as your Google Fit to allow access. 


My steps aren't showing in the "My rank" tab within the HKU Walking Challenge app.

The Challenge period is between 1 April 2024 00:00 and 1 May 2024 00:00, hence your steps are not calculated into the rankings yet. Once the Challenge starts, you will see that your daily steps will be shown in the rankings.



When installed correctly, you will see that your daily steps are being shown on the main page of the app. If this counter stays on zero steps, then there might be an issue where you haven't granted the app permission yet to link with your Google Fit or Apple Health app.


How come I cannot see my name and individual steps on the "My rank" tab?


Only the top 100 will be shown on the leaderboard. Remember to open your app and refresh it on a regular basis to make sure the leaderboard is up to date.


My step count on the main page is different from the step count in "My rank", how often is my step count refreshed?


Individual step counts can be refreshed immediately by pressing the refresh button on the main page. Team steps will be updated every 30 mins in the "My rank" tab.


How do I make changes to my team, I also want to change the name of my team. 

Only the team captain is able to invite and delete team members in a team. To change team members, simply have the captain delete the team member and add the new team member to the team.


I can't add a team member to my team, it shows: "Error: User NOT found".

To create a team, first make sure that all team members have installed the HKU Walking Challenge app and also registered an account in the app. Once this is done, the team captain is able to invite the team member through the email  which was used to set up the HKU Walking Challenge app account. (For Android users: Please note that this email can differ from the email you have used for your Google Fit app.)


Can I join more than one team?


Each participant can participate in one team only. Each HKU Walking Challenge app extracts step counts from either Google Fit or Apple Health, each of which is connected to one email address only.


Can I use my Fitbit/Apple watch/Garmin/Oura ring (or equivalent) to count steps?


Since the HKU Walking App extracts data from Apple Health and Google Fit as long as the steps are transfered into these programmes then the steps will be counted. Please refer to your user guide for instructions. 

Please send us a message if you experience any problems or need any help

When registering with my HKU account I don't receive a confirmation email?

Users can try to login to the HKU Walking App and try to resend a verification email. If you are still unable to receive a confirmation we suggest to try to use mobile data instead of HKU wifi, since some security patches may prohibit emails being sent.

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