Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

Workout of the Week

The EIM Month is the time to be active and what better way to do this than to follow our Exercise Trainers with our workouts of the week. Throughout the month of May we will provide you with a workout video each week to help you get more physically active. As no equipment is needed to do the workouts, you can do them anywhere you want, in the park, at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. 

Increase Your Step Count

Exercise Trainer: Yenkit Man

The HKU Walking Challenge has started, so follow this simple video to see how you can increase your step count through a variety of exercises, in the comfort of your own home!

Workout with Stability Ball

Exercise Trainer: Luther Chan

Stability balls create an unstable surface that engages the core and other stabilizing muscles, improving your stability and balance. Watch our WOW video to see exercises that you can try today!

Workout with Kettlebells

Exercise Trainer: Kobe Yeung

Have you seen kettlebells in the fitness centre but are not sure how to use them? With their offset center of mass, they provide interesting core strengthening benefits relative to other equipment. Watch our WOW video to see how effective this bit of equipment can be.

Workout with Cable Machine

Exercise Trainer: Martin Wong

Cable machines are a versatile piece of equipment that can work out all major muscle groups and provide resistance in any direction you want. See our WOW video for variations of different exercises for you to try.

Workout with Dumbbells

Exercise Trainer: Donald Lee

Dumbbells are a stable in most fitness centres and home gyms. There is a great variety of exercises to do with the dumbbells, targeting the whole body. Not sure how to use them? Check out our WOW to see how.