Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

Campus Active Exploration

Need a little getaway from your work/study, with some fresh air and sunshine within the HKU campus? Discover another pathway or favourite spot around your working environment. Just grab your sneakers and join us for a quick daily detour during your lunchtime, to have some fun and increase your step count.

Being Active during Lunchtime 

Through our Campus Active Exploration you can break up your sedentary work day whilst exploring the HKU campus. Spend some time each day during lunch to visit one of our checkpoints on campus marked with different challenges and interesting facts.

Walking around campus is one of the best and easiest forms of physical activity. Any increase in activity will benefit your health and need not be strenuous to be beneficial. Physical activity equivalent to 150 Calories per day is already associated with health gains.

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Join and win great prizes

To encourage our staff and students on campus to be more physically active during the lunchtime, we have prepared some prizes and giveaways for our participants. By completing the assigned daily tasks at the different locations, you can redeem a prize. The more you complete, the better your prize will be.

5-10 challenges

10 - 19 challenges

all 20 challenges

Small Prize

Big Prize

Big Prize + Bonus Prize

How to Join?

Interested in joining this event? Each day we will release a challenge which involves going to a specific location on campus and fulfilling a task (such as answering a question or taking a photo). Complete your task by uploading your results to us. At the end of the EIM Month we will add up all completed challenges and you will be invited to redeem your reward!

  1. Check out the daily challenge (Website, Instagram & Facebook)

  2. Go to the location on campus and complete task

  3. Upload your results

  4. Redeem your prize at the end of the EIM Month

Daily Campus Active Orientation Challenges

Click on the button below to check out our daily Campus Exploration Challenges. Each day we will post a new challenge for you to complete. Our daily challenges will also be posted on our EIM Facebook Page and Instagram Feed. Don't forget to upload your results to us to redeem your prize at the end!