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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

HKU Walking Challenge 2024(M) Banner.png

HKU Walking Challenge Photo Hunt Bingo Card

How to Play

Welcome to our HKU Walking Challenge Photo Hunt!  Join us as we encourage daily physical activity through our exciting Instagram challenge. 


Every day, we will be posting a HKU photo location on our Instagram account. Your task is to visit the designated venue, take a selfie, and post it on your Instagram. Don't forget to tag our Instagram account (eim_at_hku) and use the hashtag #HKUWalkingChallenge. 

1. Check Instagram:

HKU location photos will posted at 10:00 am daily in April on our Instagram account (@eim_at_hku).

2. Visit the Designated Venue:

Head to the specified location and take a selfie.

3. Share on Instagram:

When posting your selfie on Instagram, remember to tag us (@eim_at_hku) and include the hashtag #HKUWalkingChallenge.

By actively taking part in this challenge, you'll not only enjoy the benefits of regular walking but also explore HKU campus. At the end of April, we will have a Walking Challenge Bingo, where you can win fantastic prizes. 

Rules of Bingo Card

Successfully take four photos in a row on our bingo card. Prizes will be awarded if the participant has four photo locations in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. Bingo card will be released on 30th April.

Wild card 

For the Wild Card, replace any location selfie with elements of "Paris," "walking," and/or "Olympics" to add creativity to your photo. For example infuse the Parisian ambiance, incorporate symbols of walking and athleticism, and share the transformed selfie with others to showcase your unique blend of themes. 

For example:
Locations A, B, and D were completed with a selfie uploaded. Alternatively, the Wild Card can be used to replace location C. Remember to get creative and ensure that the Wild Card elements are related to "Paris," "walking," or "Olympics." 

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HKU Walking Challenge Photo hunt 2024(A3).jpg

Bingo Card

Bingo Card HKU Walking Challenge Photo hunt 2024(A3).png

Terms & Conditions

Please click HERE for the Terms & Conditions of HKU Walking Challenge.

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