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Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

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HKU Walking Challenge - Walk to Paris


The HKU Walking Challenge scheduled for April 2024 is set to inspire participants to embark on a virtual journey to the Paris Olympics! Since this will be the 33rd edition of the modern Olympics, the ultimate collective goal is to achieve 330 million steps! So reconnect with old colleagues and classmates, or make some new ones, create a team and help us "Walk to Paris"!

The Centre for Sports and Exercise is again partnering with the Department of Computer Science to bring you the HKU Walking App, which helps you keep track of your daily steps and show you information on your own performance as well as the rankings. Collect badges and avatars with more steps, challenge, your family and friends, have fun and stay healthy! Furthermore, the HKU Walking App allows you to keep up to date with the newest information during the challenge and provides you with health tips.

The HKU Walking Challenge – initiative, encourages the HKU community (students, staff, retirees and alumni) to come together with the common goal of virtually walking together. With this, the challenge aims to promote fitness and a healthy body and mind as well as to create a sense of community on campus and around the world through healthy competition.



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The Google Fit app is needed in order to use the HKU Walking app

Event Details

Registration Period: Starting from 1st of March 2024

Event Period: 1st to 30th of April 2024

Step counting: Only steps registered through our HKU Walking App will be counted.

Total step objective:  330,000,000

Please observe the Terms & Conditions before joining the HKU Walking Challenge

Have more fun by creating a Team

Engage your friends and family or reunite with old university buddies and create a team for more fun and motivation during the Walking Challenge.  Please follow the steps below to form a team. 

  • Gather a group of 5 people from the wider HKU Community (students, staff, retirees, alumni, friends and family)

  • Assign a team captain 

  • Have the team captain create a team within the app and invite team members into the team

  • Start walking


Team registration can be done between the period of 1st of March to 31st of March 2024.

Take more steps, collect more badges, unlock more avatars!

The badges and avatars provided in our app, which are awarded for reaching specific milestones in the walking challenge, serve as a form of recognition and affirmation for participants. These badges and avatars symbolize their efforts and achievements, motivating them to continue pursuing a healthier lifestyle. They act as visual rewards, reinforcing participants' sense of accomplishment and encouraging them to set higher goals. 

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Terms & Conditions

Please click HERE for the Terms & Conditions of HKU Walking Challenge.

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