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HKU Vertical Walk Challenge

Members from the HKU community joined the HKU Vertical Walk Challenge to support the Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month in May and demonstrate their commitment to keeping an active lifestyle.

Keeping an active lifestyle helps us to be more effective at work and balanced in life, and choosing to climb the stairs is one of the best and simplest exercises you can do for good health.

On May 22, 2019, colleagues and students from faculties and departments joined the HKU Vertical Walk Challenge at lunchtime to show their commitment to choosing stairs over lifts and escalators.

In partnership with the HKU University Health Service and HKU Sustainability Office, the Centre for Sports and Exercise organised a 'Step up your Health' campaign during the Exercise is Medicine (EIM) on Campus Month in May, with the Vertical Walk being one of the highlights.

With the support of the School of Biological Sciences, the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building was used for this event. This building was ideal for the vertical walk because of its prominent outer staircases where participants could be seen being active by onlookers below, as well as themselves getting a nice open view of HKU and Hong Kong Harbour from above.

All participants climbed together up the 18 flights of stairs from one side of the nine-storey Kadoorie Building and back down the other side, with some participants opting to complete the journey multiple times! Participants then took photos at a mock finishing arch, completing the event with a laugh and a smile, which is one of the most important elements.

Dr. Michael Tse, Assistant Director of the Centre for Sports and Exercise, remarked, ‘Stair walking is an exercise which is very accessible and doable for people of almost all fitness levels. What we hoped to show through this event is that it does not have to take time and effort to be physically active on campus. The actual challenge lies in taking the first step. You only need to choose the stairs over the lift or escalator if and when you can. Not only will there be health benefits for you, but even some energy savings for the environment and HKU.’

The participants enjoyed the event. Colleagues from some faculties and departments joined the event as a group to improve their awareness of the health benefits of physical exercise and strengthen their team spirit. Some came with friends to support the EIM initiative, while others joined on their own. A few challenged themselves physically by completing the route again upon finishing, with one participant even managing to run up and down the building four times, turning the stair climbing event into a high intensity lunchtime workout!

The Vertical Walk Challenge was a great success. Members of the HKU community are encouraged to keep up the momentum and make walking and stair climbing part of your daily routine. We look forward to you joining the HKU Walking Challenge in the upcoming EIM on Campus Month in October. Let’s reach a new record distance together!

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