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  • Exercise Is Medicine

Reaching beyond your limits during the Exercise is Medicine on Campus Month

Celebrating an active lifestyle on campus with a month of free exercise activities.

Banner EIM Month October 2021

October is designated as Exercise is Medicine (EIM) on Campus Month with over 280 campuses worldwide celebrating and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle on campus. During October the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE) arranged a wide range of free exercise activities for the HKU community to join to become more physically active on campus.

Myofascial Release for Runners with Foam Rollers

The EIM on Campus offered many free activities related to “Knowing your Limits”. This began with the Health and Fitness Testing at Happy Park and BActive at the start of the month to give staff and students an idea of their current level of fitness. Throughout the month various free workshops were offered to the HKU community to help address deficiencies in one of the five health and fitness parameters namely: strength, power, endurance, body composition and flexibility.

To enhance the fitness experience the Centre of Sports and Exercise also produced the Movewell App that provided an online medium for users to learn how to use particular equipment or exercises, with the ultimate aim of encouraging users to be more physically active. With the Movewell App our HKU Campus Community will have free access to our online training programmes, fitness exercise videos, health and fitness tracking and more.

Don’t forget to check out our video summary to look back on the month.

The CSE would like to thank all participants for joining and viewing the online content and look forward to bringing the HKU campus community more physical activity opportunities in the future.



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